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Overcoming Minor Setbacks

by Cynthia Kersey, Author of Unstoppable, 888-867-8677

Do you blame yourself when small things go wrong? Do you accuse yourself of being incompetent at everything and assume you'll always be that way? Or do you react by saying, "Hey, that's life, tomorrow will be a great day, and I did so much today that was right"? How you explain life's little setbacks will determine how hopeful or helpless you become.

The next time you experience a setback, listen to your internal voice. Is your explanation about what happened pessimistic or optimistic?  Here are some tips for awakening your inner optimist:
Notice if you tend to think of setbacks in terms of "always" and "never." Those two words are a sure sign you're thinking like a pessimist. Consciously decide to believe instead that setbacks are temporary, based on changing circumstances. Things will be better tomorrow.
Some people can remain productive even when they're experiencing a setback in one aspect of their lives, such as their career or an important relationship. Others make their crisis mean that their whole life is falling apart. Work on seeing setbacks with proper perspective. How is your setback limited to just one area of your life? What other areas of your life are going well? Perspective lends hope.
Focus on the things you did right each day, instead of what you did wrong. You'll find the positive side of the tally is much higher.
Every misfortune is a challenge in disguise. Try to find the challenge in anything bad that happens, and use it as motivation to change a behavior or improve something about yourself.
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